Varick Niles Varick Niles

Watercolors & Oils
Landscapes, Flowers, Still Lifes

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About the Artist

Varick Niles with LandscapeNiles strives to portray the "essence" of her subject matter, whether it be the vibrant color of roses, orchids and daffodils or the serene marshes at dawn and sunset. She says that once a feeling is instilled, she tries to capture not just the transitory moment, but the unchanging underlying "essence" or mood of the subject. Her brushstrokes are fluid and her colors expressive, sometimes high-keyed, sometimes softly muted in watercolors and oils, as well as acrylics. To learn more about Niles' views on painting landscapes, flowers and still lifes, read her Artist's Statement.


Art studies at Smith College (B.A. 1961) and her subsequent work at The Guggenheim Museum in New York were the fundamental basis of her artistic training. After a long career in ceramics, Niles began painting in 1991. She has attended many workshops and paints in her own studios in Westport, Massachusetts and Naples, Florida.

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